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wiry coat

shampoo for wiry coated dogs


Professional shampoo recommended to wiry coat dogs. Contains coconut derived cleansers that provide excellent cleaning properties while remain gentle to the skin. Active ingredients derived from plant extracts nourish skin and condition hair. Addition of aloe leaf extract notorious for its renovating properties, also guarana seed extract and pineapple fruit extract, invigorate hair growth visibly improving the look of hair during dog shows season. High content of keratin fulfills loss in hair structure regenerating damages, making hair strong and thicker. Shampoo provides perfect skin moistness, leaves hair shiny and looking healthy.



water, mild coconut derived cleansers, aloe leaf extract, Jericho rose extract, hydrolyzed keratin,

guarana seed extract, pineapple fruit extract, food grade preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).



available packaging:


250ml - dilution up to 1:20

500ml - dilution up to 1:20

1L - dilution up to 1:20

5L - dilution up to 1:20


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