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easy comb

conditioner with silk to simplify combing



Mild conditioner that simplifies combing and prevents tangling. Proper combination of natural ingredients softens tensed hair and restores its elasticity. Conditioner is reach in plant proteins that revitalize damaged hair and moisturize skin. Addition of hydrolyzed silk proteins makes coat softer, shiny and looking healthy. It counteracts fluffy hair. Due to natural derived ingredients Easy Comb conditioner is safe to use on pets with skin diseases and allergies.



Spray pets coat with small amount of Easy Comb conditioner and brush in the direction of hair growth. Mats should be saturated with conditioner for few minutes before brushing. May be used on dry or wet coat as well.



water, rapeseed derived conditioners, coconut derived conditioners, hydrolyzed silk proteins,

food grade preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).




available packaging:




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