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shampoo enhancing coat volume


Professional volumizing shampoo recommended mostly to show dogs. Contains coconut derived cleansers that provide excellent cleaning properties while remain gentle to the skin. Active ingredients derived from plant extracts deeply moisturize and nourish skin. Plant-based proteins lift hair from its basis adding extra volume to the coat. Addition of aloe leaf extract and orchid flower extract, notorious for their renovating properties, together with cananga oil that increases blood circulation among skin vessels, invigorate hair growth visibly improving the look of hair during dog shows season. Shampoo provides perfect skin moistness, leaves hair shiny and looking healthy.



water, mild coconut derived cleansers, aloe leaf extract, Jericho rose extract, orchid flower extract, cananga oil, food grade preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).


available packaging:


250ml - dilution up to 1:20

500ml - dilution up to 1:20

1L - dilution up to 1:20

5L - dilution up to 1:20


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