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whitening shampoo


Professional whitening shampoo recommended to white dogs - mostly to show dogs. Contains coconut derived cleansers that provide excellent cleaning properties even on dirtiest dogs. Addition of blueberry fruit extract whitens coat and helps to get rid of stains commonly seen on white hair.

High content of aloe leaf extract invigorates hair growth by regenerating damaged cuticle. Gentle nature of employed cleansers together with Jericho rose extract make this shampoo safe for sensitive skin of white dogs. It intensively moisturizes dry skin, calms itchiness and skin irritations.

Addition of plumeria flower extract revitalizes and conditions hair, simplifies combing and prevents tangling. Shampoo provides perfect skin moistness, leaves hair shiny, looking healthy and manageable. It counteracts fluffy hair.



water, mild coconut derived cleansers, blueberry fruit extract, Jericho rose extract, aloe leaf extract, plumeria flower extract, food grade preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).



available packaging:


250ml - dilution up to 1:20

500ml - dilution up to 1:20

1L          - dilution up to 1:20

5L         - dilution up to 1:20


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