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Why Green Leaf?


The answer is simple – because we know how precious your pet is! We are pet owners ourselves and we cannot imagine living without them. When we take responsibility for our four-footed friends then we want to take care of them the best we can. We’ve been involved in professional grooming business for many years and we decided to use our knowledge and experiences to create the line of cosmetics that will help all caring pet owners in daily care.


And there is much to look after!


Do you know that your pet (depending on species and breed) has from 10.000 to 30.000 hair per 1cm² ? For comparison – people have 200-300 hair per 1cm²... Do you realise that animal skin secrets sebum – natural fat which is very important due to its protective properties? Do you know that improper cosmetic may disturb secretion of sebum and deprive your pet skin of natural protection?


Now multiply their unique needs by quantity of breeds and different coat types – long, short, soft, curly, woolly, wiry, goat-type, with or without the undercoat, even hairless – and realise that your pet contacts with cosmetic by whole body area! Now you’ll understand why does he need exceptional treatment.


Yes – animals are more challenging due to proper care than we are!


That’s why we decided to create cosmetics that primarily are save to them. We consciously aborted using many ingredients that are commonly applied in cosmetics but may be irritating or even toxic to the skin. We decided to substitute it with natural based ingredients – effective but gentle to the skin. You can find in our cosmetics coconut derived ingredients, richness of plant extracts, you will appreciate calming effect of aloe and discover unique properties of Jerycho rose extract. We aimed to use gifts of the nature in the service of diversified needs of our pets – starting from therapeutic properties of exotic oils to mild silk protein care.


Certainly you WILL NOT find in our products such ingredients as:




- silicones


- parabens


- formaldehyde



- petroleum-derived components


and many others that may harm your pet!


We pay attentions to make our cosmetics not only effective but primarily save and gentle to the skin. We believe you will find in our offer products that will inspire your trust and be proper to your pet. If not? Well… we are still learning and developing – we are open to your suggestions!





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