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deep black

black colour enhancing shampoo


Professional shampoo enhancing black colour of the coat recommended mostly to show dogs. Contains coconut derived cleansers that provide excellent cleaning properties while remain gentle to the skin. Addition of blackberry fruit extract enhances black colour, cover pale stains and prevents fading. Proper content of peppermint leaf extract provides shiny hair effect. Shampoo is enriched with aloe leaf extract and Jericho rose extract that provide perfect skin moistness, calm itchiness and help to regenerate minor skin irritations. Routine bathing during dog shows season

leaves hair shiny and looking healthy, enhances black coat colour, covers fading hair leaving them intensively black.



water, mild coconut derived cleansers, aloe leaf extract, blackberry fruit extract, Jericho rose extract, peppermint leaf extract, food grade preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).



available packaging:


250ml - dilution up to 1:20

500ml - dilution up to 1:20

1L          - dilution up to 1:20

5L         - dilution up to 1:20


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